EducationShield  1.4.7
Education Shield

The EducationShield library is intended to be used with the Education Shield provided in the CTC kit. It presents the necessary functions to interact with 3 and 4 pin connectors used in many sensors and actuators. Furthermore, it includes the functionality of SD-Card Reader and audio jack.

alt tag The current version (v1.3.1) of the library is to be used with the EducationShield V4.

The shield versions The shield current version (V4) have the 3 pin connectors using the digital pin 9 and 6. The examples provided within the v1.3.1 library reflect this.

Older versions In older version of the shield, the 3 pin connectors uses the digital pin 9 and 10. The pre v1.3 of the library, works with this shield.

CTC Project

This is an educational project carried by Arduino LLC in Malmo. It is a collection of exercises commissioned by the Center of Resources for Education at Castilla La Mancha to be tried out in the classrooms during the Spring 2013.

The content of this repository is the materials generated for a first try out with schools and includes exercises, texts, and code.


The team creating this collection of exercises is made by:

  • X. Yang (IxD Manager)
  • M. Johansson (IxD Designer)
  • C. Leivas (IxD Junior Designer)
  • T. Hansson (IxD Junior Designer)
  • L. Balboa (Art Direction)
  • K. Engdahl (3D Modelling Intern)
  • T. Pham (Typesetting and English Language Supervison)
  • A. Goransson (Programming Wizard)
  • D. Cuartielles (Coordination and Spanish Language Supervision)

If you want to collaborate by adding translations to this collection of exercises, just send us a note to d.cuartielles AT


Move the folder CapacitiveSensor and SoundWave to the libraries folder of your Arduino installation before using. Some features are dependent on them.


1.3.1 The offical launch version for CTC Uno and CTC 101 projects.