ArduinosInSpace  1.2.0
Arduinos In Space!

A library for interacting with Objects in Space via a serial connection.

Protocol support

Arduinos In Space understands all of the known requests and commands generated in serial_commands.txt by Objects In Space 1.0.2. The protocol, and requests and commands, are still being added and refined. Arduinos In Space may lag slightly, or even briefly stop working between releases.

Compatibility chart

Arduinos in Space Objects in Space
1.0 - 1.0.1 1.0 - 1.0.2
1.1 1.0.3


Arduino IDE

Open the Arduino Library Manager (Tools menu -> Manage Libraries...). Search for "ArduinosInSpace". Hit the install button.


pio lib install "ArduinosInSpace"


Grab the latest release zip file from


Full documentation, including usage and the API, is available at the OiS wiki:

Example sketches

Sketches in the examples/ directory illustrate basic usage for trivial controllers.


Drop by the Arduinos In Space thread on the Objects in Space forum.